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Kith Treats and Carissa’s Bakery have a summer of sweet fun in store. (Photo credit: Kith Treats)

Dip cones are getting a run for their money this season. From June 28 to September 2, Carissa’s Bakery and New York’s Kith Treats are collaborating on a pastry and ice-cream fueled exchange program of sorts, offering a series of limited-edition treats at Carissa’s Amagansett locale.

The sweet specials combine the Beard Award-winning baking prowess of Carissa’s Bakery with the cereal-inspired genius of Kith Treats, founded by cereal-obsessed fashion entrepreneur Ronnie Fieg in 2015.

The summer-long specials include:

  • The Hazelnut Croissant — vanilla ice cream infused with Carissa’s hazelnut croissant and Kariot hazelnut cream cereal, topped with a Nutella drizzle and (naturally — because who doesn’t want extra?) crushed hazelnuts.
  • The Chocolate Chip Miso Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich — vanilla ice cream infused with Carissa’s chocolate chip miso cookie, sandwiched between two caramel-lined chocolate chip miso cookies that are dipped in milk chocolate with a Cocoa Pebbles and toasted sesame topping.
  • The Monkey Bread — Vanilla ice cream infused with Carissa’s Monkey Bread, Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Cocoa Pebbles, topped with Carissa’s Salted Caramel Drizzle & cinnamon sugar) – Available at Carissa’s East Hampton until 9/2
  • The Bouchon (Vanilla & Chocolate ice cream blend infused with Carissa’s Chocolate Bouchon & Chocolate Cake Crunch, topped with chocolate drizzle & Cocoa Puffs) – Available at Carissa’s East Hampton until 9/2

The East Hampton location of Carissa’s Bakery is at 68 Newtown Lane. The bakery and café is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday to Monday, and closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Prices for the summer specials range from $8 to $13. Get ’em while they’re cold!