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Just go with it: Banana pudding and pizza. (Photo courtesy of Magnolia Bakery)

Gelato-schmato. What you really need after a nice hunky slice of Fini Pizza? Magnolia Bakery’s famed banana pudding.

This might seem logistically impossible with 100 miles, give or take, in between both of these titans of tasty treats (unless of course you went to the original Fini in Brooklyn but even then, that would be a bit of a hike to the West Village), but rejoice pudding and pizza lovers! A new summer pop-up is coming your way.

From Thursday, June 20 to Sunday, June 23 Magnolia and Fini are pairing up to offer the former’s famed banana pudding in a duo of flavors by the pint:

A special, one-off flavor just for the pop-up is being introduced this weekend. (Photo courtesy of Magnolia Bakery)
  • Classic Banana Puddin​g: Creamy vanilla pudding blended with real banana puree and pieces of vanilla wafers
  • Chocolate Chunk Caramel Banana Pudding: This one you’re only going to be able to spoon into at the Amagansett Fini locale. This collaboration between the two is a blend of creamy vanilla pudding with real banana puree, banana chips, chocolate chunks, caramel swirls and pieces of vanilla wafers​

Plus, if swag is your bag, they’ll be offering Fini and Magnolia Bakery exclusive merch for sale, like their bucket hat ($42), beach bag ($50) and a windbreaker ($115 — for pudding on the boat or at the beach!).

“We were excited to bring Magnolia Bakery to the Hamptons for the first time ever with the help of our friends at Fini Pizza,” says Sara Gramling, vice president of public relations and partnerships at Magnolia Bakery. “Being that we’re both New York City born and bred, this was such a natural partnership, and one that we know will delight Magnolia Bakery and Fini fans alike.”

Fini Pizza owner Sean Sweeney opened his East End outpost of the Williamsburg flagship slinger last summer (237 Main St., Amagansett, 631-394-5654).

Established in 1996 on a sweet little corner in the West Village on Bleecker Street, Magnolia Bakery became famous for its cupcakes, as much for their buttercreamy wonderfulness as the fact that they were featured on “Sex and the City” (they even created a Carrie Cupcake as a nod to Candace Bushnell’s famed character). But while the world battled over cupcake superiority, Magnolia kept plugging on with cakes, cookies and, yes, pudding (they even have a Pudding of the Month club).

Although renowned for their cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding has international popularity. (Photo courtesy of Magnolia Bakery)

“Magnolia Bakery first introduced its world famous banana pudding in its flagship West Village bakeshop in 1996,” says Gramling. “Since then, it’s become the company’s best-selling item, and the treat that’s synonymous with the Magnolia Bakery name for fans all around the world.” 

The business founded by Allysa Torey and Jennifer Appel is now owned by Hudson Yards developer Stephen Ross and is in 9 locations around Manhattan, as well as spots in Chicago, Los Angeles and (wait for it!) several spots in India, Kuwait, Jordan, the Philippines, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Türkiye.

And this summer, if only for this weekend: Amagansett, while supplies last. The two flavors of Magnolia’s banana pudding will be sold this weekend in 16 oz pints for $20 each while supplies last.