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(Photo credit: Amy Zavatto)

Our Content Director, Amy Zavatto, wrote a book a few years back called Prosecco Made Me Do It: 60 Seriously Sparkling Cocktails. What better time to mine it for recipes than on that most bubbly of holidays, New Year’s Eve?

This is a drink about looking forward as much as it is about looking back. To the latter: So the story goes, in the dawn of the 1970s, Mirko Stochetto, proprietor of Bar Basso in Milan, was asked to make a Negroni and accidentally grabbed a bottle of Prosecco instead of gin because the prior bartender had placed the sparkler where the gin normally goes. Stochetto had already been experimenting with lighter-style drinks, and when he realized what he’d grabbed, decided to go for it. And so, the Sbagliato (Italian for mistake) was born.

As to the future, if the Negroni has become the darling cocktail of the decade, thanks to a bit of TikTok exposure, the Sbagliato seems poised for heavy-rotation next summer (you heard it here!)

Mistakes, though, can be opportunities. Like with Stochetto’s story here. And we’d like you to go into 2023 looking for the silver linings; finding the sparkle in your mistakes. In this version of the drink, Zavatto popped some Prosecco and added the gin back in–in this case, the lovely over-proof American Gin from Sagaponack Farm Distillery, along with the the Campari and sweet vermouth. It’s a nice way to kick off the night (or, even, celebrate at New Year’s brunch).

Happy New Year—may all your mistakes be brilliant.

Sbagliato #2

Total Time 3 minutes


  • 3/4 oz Campari
  • 3/4 oz sweet vermouth
  • 1 oz Sagaponack Farm Distillery American Gin
  • 1 oz brut-style Prosecco
  • 1 wide slice of orange peel


  • Pour the Campari, sweet vermouth and gin into an ice-filled double rocks glass. Stir well. Top with Prosecco and garnish with the orange peel. Cin-cin!