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Book maven Zibby Owens knows a page turner when she reads (or writes) one. (Photo courtesy of Zibby Media)

Do you love books? Yeah, us too. So does Zibby Owens. So when we found out that the best-selling author, “Good Morning America” contributor, bookshop owner and book-club champion Owens was collaborating with Canoe Place Inn and several other of Main Street Hospitality hotels on the East Coast, to create her new “Get Booked” reading program of sizzling summer reads for both adults and kids (can’t leave the future readers of American on the sidelines!), we were stoked.

Through the summer-long program, Owens curated a cache of great books to read for guests of selected Main Street Hospitality hotels, either to borrow or buy.

“Last year, we hosted a retreat at Canoe Place and had the best time. We fell in love with the property and all it has to offer – from its beauty and their amenities to their amazing staff and their love for culture, the arts, and literature,” says Owens. “I knew we had to find a way to work with them on a deeper level.”

A bodacious brainstorming session lead to the creation of “Get Booked” to, as Owens says, remember the magic of a good book. “I picked a diverse set to ensure there was something for everyone, both adult and young travelers,” she says. “I love these books and authors for their unique storytelling abilities. The curation of books I selected are not only captivating and heartfelt but thrilling and filled with magic.”

Owens took time away from writing her newest novel, “Overheard” (coincidentally, about a bookstore owner…) to graciously feed us a few reads for our readers, you lucky ducks. Here’s what Owens selected for our August edition of “Feed Your Read”:

For the grown-ups:

“The Last Love Note” by Emma Grey

The Last Love Note by Emma Grey 

Says Owens: “The Last Love Note will make readers laugh, cry, and renew their faith in the resilience of the human heart―and in love itself.” The book takes you on a romp through the world of widower and single mom Kate as she rebuilds her life in this part poignant, part hilarious story of what’s next.

“Hedge” by Jane Delury

Hedge by Jane Delury

People are complicated. Or, people’s complicated inner lives can sometimes spill out and make the rest of their lives messy, too. Enter Maud, a garden historian and mom of two in a troubled marriage whose new co-worker turns her life upside down. Owens take: “Hedge is a deeply moving portrait of a woman’s longing to be a good mother while still answering the call of her soul and mind.”

“Here After: A Memoir” by Amy Lin

Here After: A Memoir by Amy Lin 

In this raw and moving account of life after the devastating loss of her husband, Kurtis, writer Amy Lin takes you into not just her own personal story, but the angles and edges of grappling with grief. “Here After is a love story and a meditation on the ways in which Kurtis’ death shatters any set ideas Amy ever held about grief, strength, and memory,” writes Owens about the book. “Its power will last with you long after the final page.”

“Blank” by Zibby Owens

Blank byZibby Owens

In “Blank,” her latest novel (it hits shelves this past spring), the prolific Owens may not seem to mirror the careening main character of this fun page-turner, but hey, every writer knows the pain of being stuck. Owens turned that malady into a read that anyone can relate to: impossible deadlines, family frustrations and the whole rest of the kit and caboodle that makes up a life in the modern world.

Little Victories by Jason Gay

The anti-rule book for life by smart, hilarious Wall Street Journal columnist Gay. A great read for the beach, bedside or, really, anywhere you’d like a moment of levity in your life.

For the new readers:

“The Inheritance Games” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Ever dream of changing your life and inheriting a bundle? It unexpectedly happens to main character Avery Grambs, a hard-luck high schooler who suddenly finds herself at the center of a strange wealthy billionaire’s will. But not is all as it appears and new kinds of trouble await amongst the riches.

Whatever After by Sarah Mlynowski 

“Whatever After” by Sarah Mylnowski

In this creative kids’ series by Sarah Mylnowski a magical mirror is the key to siblings Abby and Jonah finding their way into the center of their favorite fairy tales.

“Princess Charming” by Zibby Owens

Who says a princess always has to be rescued? In Owens’ empowering, sweet story, lead character Princess Charming just isn’t measuring up to the kind of royal kid she thinks she ought to be. But as the tale unfolds, this little spitfire finds her own unique girl power. In an Instagram and TikTok-troubled world, this is a great book to remind your kid that the most special, celebrated person she can become is herself.