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Flora bartender Paige Salata’s Peachy Sangria is summer in a glass. (Photo credit: Caela Earls)

When we think about sangria (and about making it, for that matter) what immediately comes to mind is a hodge podge punch made of assorted fruits, whatever light-bodied, middle-of-the-road red (or pink, or white) table wine you got kicking around and a semi-sweet, fruit-forward flavored liqueur. While the origin of where the drink actually derives from isn’t totally clear — some say Spain, some say Portugal, some say the Caribbean — what is for sure is the tipple is practically synonymous with easy, breezy drinking.

And for Flora bartender Paige Salata, that’s what it’s all about.

What initially started as a personal request from one of her regulars dining at a restaurant she formerly worked at nearly a decade ago, Salata’s eponymous Peachy Sangria has evolved over time. “She had asked me if I could do it, and I could, so I did, and it was just one of those things that took off,” she says. “It started to get a reputation of its own, and I kept tweaking it. And here at Flora they thought it would work well, so now it’s on the menu for the season. A happy little accident, you know?”

Happy indeed is Salata’s sangria. Both bright and refreshing, her rendition of the beloved cocktail lends itself well to summertime sipping. Utilizing Reàl Peach Puree as the base, Salata muddles fresh orange, “nice, brandied cherries” and blueberry to offset the sweetness from the puree. Opting for a dry pinot grigio (she recommends using Zenato) she combines Combier orange liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice and a splash each of Sprite and soda to cut through whatever residually cloying characteristics may be present. As it’s gained popularity quickly, Salata now batches her sangria for ease during service. “It’s a lot easier and it actually gets better as it marinates,” she says.

As a general rule, Salata recommends using a wine that you would drink on its own but assures the drink is forgiving when it comes to ratios. “I’ve been perfecting mine for years,” she quips. “It can totally be a ‘use what you got’ situation.”

So, don’t be scared to take a crack at sangria. Whether you’re whipping one up for yourself, or making a pitcher for you and your friends, make sure you add Salata’s peachy keen recipe to your summertime sipper stock.

Paige’s Peachy Sangria

Prep Time 1 minute
Serves 1 cocktail


  • 4 oz pinot grigio
  • 1/2 oz peach puree
  • 1/2 oz Combier orange liqueur
  • 1/4 oz lime juice
  • 1/4 oz lemon juice
  • 1 orange slice
  • 1 brandied cherry
  • 1 blueberry
  • 1 splash of soda
  • 1 splash of Sprite
  • 3 blueberries, skewered (for garnish)


  • In a shaker muddle together the orange, cherry, blueberry, peach puree, lemon juice and splash of soda.
  • Add pinot grigio, Combier and a scoop of ice. Shake for 10 seconds.
  • Pour into wine glass and top with a splash of Sprite. Cheers!