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Jack and his daughter, Amber Tagliasacchi-Miller. (Photo credit: Doug Young)

Growing up in Sag Harbor my family’s go-to restaurant was always Il Capuccino. It was where all five of us could get something to eat that we would all enjoy, including my only-white-food-eating baby sister, whose biggest culinary risks for the first 12 years of her life were chicken fingers and fettuccini alfredo.

Opened 50 years ago by Italian-born Achille “Jack” Tagliasacchi, daily operations at the cozily classic trattoria are now run by his daughter and general manager Amber Tagliassachi-Miller. Armed with a veteran crew (a good chunk of staff members have worked there for multiple decades), a simple yet dynamite menu (don’t you dare refuse that basket of garlic knots!), and a dedication to bringing a taste of the old country to the East End Il Capuccino not only honors family traditions, it helps cultivate them. As soon as you walk in, there’s an immediate sense of calm and welcomed nostalgia. It’s delicious, it’s comfortable and it’s like coming home.

(Photo credit: Doug Young)

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