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Katlyn Albrecht and Felicia Ramirez, owners of The Vintage Gatherings. (Photo credit: Melissa Azofeifa)

Ever open a magazine to a story about a gorgeous dinner party and wish you were there? Or maybe look at an old family photo of a beautiful table set with old fashioned linens, China and glassware and wish you could transport yourself back in time? Want to get a seat at one of those tables or, better yet, figure out how to create them yourself?

Felicia Ramirez and Katlyn Albrecht can help. Part scene-setters, part event planners their nascent company, The Vintage Gatherings, sets the scene for resplendent get-togethers, be they an intimate picnic for a few or party for a few hundred.

In their not even year-old business, Ramirez and Albrecht offer clients in the Hamptons, New York City and Palm Beach alfresco and indoor tablescapes, for which they use specially sourced items tailored to creating an unforgettable experience clients. 

(Photo courtesy of The Vintage Gatherings)

Leaning in to get the look

“Tablescapes” include florals, flatware, linen napkins, place cards, menus and chargers, among a multitude of other details that are Ramirez and Albrecht’s specialty. And it all begins with sourcing, be it Ramirez’s unique flea-market finds or Albrecht’s devotion to locally sourced ingredients.

The vintage branding that runs through Ramirez’s work is very intentional: real silver platters and cutlery, vintage linens, vintage depression glasses and plates, all done through thrifting. 

“All these pieces, there’s a lot of character in them… when you have 20 Depression-era glass pieces on the table, it does something to people,” she says of her favorite collectible colored glass pieces produced during the ‘20s and ‘30s. “There are all sorts of colors. They don’t make things the same way anymore. They feel very whimsical. They feel very out of a storybook. That’s really the art behind the vintage pull — to feel different and not sterile.”

Albrecht adds the sustenance to Ramirez’s feast for the eyes. She sources her food from local farms and markets, with her biggest source being Green Earth Natural Foods Market in Riverhead.

“I love the access that I have to the North and South Forks,” Albrecht says. “We’re looking to give experiences … for me, that’s going to come from organic farm to table [food] and diverse range of flavors and things that will kind of stick with you,” Albrecht says. “If you’re connecting over the food, or you’re connecting over conversation, there are so many ways to integrate this food into the experience.”

Getting to the table

Albrecht is originally from Mulford, PA. She moved to Montauk in 2010, was an ocean lifeguard for 10 years and an East Hampton Town Volunteer Ocean rescue worker, and discovered her talent for cooking via beach parties where she’d cook for friends. Eventually, Albrecht branched out from those sandy soirees and started curating her own ideas for farm-to-table organic food platters.

Ramirez lived in Springs for many years before moving to Florida’s Palm Beach in 2020. There she started her first business called The Magical Table, a very successful picnic and events business. She wound up selling that business and, in December 2023, moved back to the East End of Long Island, where she saw opportunity for her skillset among the constant flow of visitors and locals alike wanting to spruce up their spaces for unforgettable gatherings. She reconnected with her friend, Albrecht, who became a partner in The Vintage Gatherings and now heads the catering division.

(Photo courtesy of The Vintage Gatherings)

“I’ve got these amazing sources of fresh food that have unfolded in my path,” Albrecht says. “I branched out and started curating my own vision for farm-to-table organic food platters and that’s been the passion that’s driven me and one of the things that Felicia has called me in for. I’m really excited to be able to bring that aspect to it starting off, because that’s huge.”

Setting the savory scene

Finding just the right look and menu for a client at The Vintage Gatherings starts by getting to know them.

Ramirez handles all the initial fact-finding conversations. By the time she gets on the phone with a prospective client of The Vintage Gatherings, Ramirez has already had them fill out a questionnaire to help her get to know them and their taste better before they even hear each other’s voices.

Next up is a phone call to the tablescape seeker. 

“When somebody calls, I see it in my head immediately,” Ramirez says. “Those [conversations] are how we can tweak things, color inspo, location inspo, and who the client is. There’s thought behind everything that is set up.”

As to the type of event, the vintage picnic vibe remains a big part of Ramirez’s original vision, but even in such a short amount of time, The Vintage Gatherings has expanded to crafting the perfect scene for unique events like proposals, creating a romantic, customized installation for a client with things like arbors, florals, signage and champagne toasts. (And, yes, they’ll dream up the dreamy wedding that comes after.)

For those who want to stick with the original picnic idea, The Vintage Gatherings will set them up at a home, beach or a park for two or up to 30 guests, with low lying tables, pillows, rugs, umbrellas, table settings, floral, décor, signage and food.

The pricing varies on the client’s customization and the amount of people attending, with rates starting at $325.

They also have fun, unique add-ons, like polaroid cameras, handmade floral crowns, board game baskets, mini painting kits, floral ice cubes, champagne buckets, and custom goodie bags. And if you want a keepsake you can return to later on, photos and video of the event are an option as well for $350.

“People think it’s beautiful and they want to hire [us] for the aesthetic, but then they sit down …and they’re like, oh my gosh, you know, it’s so much more powerful,” Ramirez says. “We are actually being very thoughtful about this.”

Visit The Vintage Gatherings website at, on their Instagram @thevintagegatherings, or on Facebook as The Vintage Gatherings; 631-500-0662.