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Why the ram in Ram Design? “Ram Island is my favorite place on Shelter Island. I’m an Aries. And it’s the spiritual significance of bravery,” says Peffer. (Photo credit: Madison Fender)

One of the things that you immediately notice about the East End is the immense natural beauty that surrounds it. For interior designer Cristina Peffer, it’s what has helped shape, persuade and inspire her career. A resident of the Hamptons for the past three decades, Peffer has blended her vast experiences in the worlds of art and interior design, with elements that move her in the natural world. Add in a healthy dose of her own unwavering intuition, naturally, and she can easily bridge the gap between local artisans and craftspeople and her myriad clients looking for help to make their house a home.

With an unrelenting eye for detail, color, smell and texture household items found within her newly opened Ram Design Home are not only well-made, adorable and nice to look at, they’re usually hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces, offering a timeless yet approachable vibe to any abode.

So, the next time you’re in downtown Shelter Island, head on over to her Bridge Street location and take a little look-see. I guarantee she’ll lead you to something you’d never suspect you absolutely needed to make your house a home. While in her presence, she exudes an approachable confidence, and whole-hearted giddiness, that assures you you’re in the right the place and that something good is about to happen. I knew that as soon as I met her, before I even knew what I was going to write in this story, and for me, that was the most exciting part.

When Peffer first came to Shelter Island with her dad as a teen, she knew it would be her home one day. (Photo credit: Madison Fender)

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