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(Photo courtesy of Saunders & Associates)

Every Wednesday our fabulous real estate writer, the lovely Lana Bortolot, explores the in’s and out’s of a local home that’s on the market with her aptly dubbed “South Fork Dream Home” column. Typically, I have a hard time following what’s happening in the real estate world here on the East End, mostly because owning a home for me seems like an unattainable pipe dream, so I figure “why bother?” But because she’s able to consistently tell such a beautifully descriptive, informative and easy-to-read story I am able to pay much better attention.

Case in point was when she wrote up this story centering around a property in downtown Montauk that holds a commercial space on the ground floor with an apartment on the second floor. Promptly piquing my interest, the story serves as a reminder of the dire need for housing here on the East End — an issue that is getting a whole lot of talk, but not nearly enough action.

Read the story here.