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One of Eccentric Bagel’s more eccentric creations, the Samurai, with wasabi cream cheese. (Photo credit: Amy Weinstein)

If you can dream it, Darryn Weinstein will bagel it.

Since opening Eccentric Bagel on Shelter Island in April 2022, he’s been rolling out hot, fresh bagels in traditional flavors, but he also lets his imagination boil over. “Darryn says he has visions,” laughs his wife Amy Weinstein. “These things just pop into his head. Someone once called him the Willy Wonka of bagels — it seems so fitting!”

For the big holiday weekend coming up, Weinstein dreamt up a brand new, limited edition bagel that may make ferry lines even longer than expected: the Samurai.

Silky smoked salmon, wasabi cream cheese and a fresh everything bagel are the main event on the Samurai. (Photo credit: Amy Weinstein)

The inspiration for the Samurai was simple: the bagel impresario taking note of how much people really love sushi, and wanting to find a way to combine it into his stock and trade.

The Samurai is an open-face combo that takes Weinstein’s traditional Everything bagel, choc-a-block with a thick crust of crunchy seeds, and tops it with his homemade wasabi cream cheese, thinly sliced salmon, cucumber and avocado and a few zippy dollops of his Eccentric secret sauce. Nope, he won’t reveal what’s in it, but it definitely has a nice umami tang that’s just right with the rest of the sushi-inspired combo.

The island’s bagel maestro has played around with flavor combinations since the day he opened his popular shop, spinning weekend one-offs like the nacho bagel, the Fruity Pebble bagel and the St. Paddy’s day bagel.

Shelter Island has never had a dedicated bagel shop, let alone one that makes fresh versions daily. Weinstein also makes full-on breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and all his salads and roast beef are made in-house, just like those awesome bagels. He also has a bevy of sweet treats like freshly baked cookies and mini-chocolate whoopee pies from the Treatery.

But remember: If you are slayed by this weekend’s special bagel creation, be sure to let Weinstein know — you might just see a return of the Samurai.

Eccentric Bagel is located at 25 West Neck Road, Shelter Island, 631-749-5363