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The wild expanse of Montauk is one of the most stunning and precious resources on eastern Long Island, with hundreds and hundreds of acres of preserved state and county parkland, not to mention a pretty charming surf-centric town, inarguably unique to its remote location at the most southern tip of the South Fork. It’s here that George Washington commissioned the town’s iconic lighthouse, the first in New York, which is just wrapping up an extensive refurbishment. It’s also the place that so many wave seekers came to visit and simply never left, drawn by the allure of the seasonal ebb and flow and remote beauty here.

This summer, take in some of that natural glory. Navy Beach is trading in its chill beach-hang rep for that of outdoor guide — well, not entirely (don’t panic!) — there’s still plenty of good-time summer eatin’ and sippin’ shenanigans to be had on their beautiful 200-foot expanse of picnic-table dotted sand. But on Saturday mornings the beachfront restaurant, in conjunction with Electric Bikes A Go Go, is launching an adventure bike tour worth getting out of bed for.

Meet up at Navy Beach Saturdays all summer for a Montauk bike tour to remember. (Photo credit: Navy Beach)

From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, the three-and-a-half hour guided treks on Gazelle Ultimate C380 e-bikes will start at 9 a.m. sharp each Saturday at Navy Beach, taking riders into downtown Montauk (with a stop for coffee, natch), a dip into Ditch Plains beach and then a deep dive into Camp Hero State Park and a visit to the iconic colonial-era beacon, the Montauk Lighthouse (which take note: has a very awesome gift shop — bring your wallet and a backpack to stow souvenir treasures).

What’s especially nice is Navy Beach is limiting the tours to no more than five people (and no fewer than two, so grab a buddy!), meaning you’ll get a far more highly curated look at The End then if you were waiting for innumerable stragglers to bring up the rear (or if you tend to be that straggler; no judgements).

Navy Beach is located at 16 Navy Road. Tours are $175 per person and you can book yours here.