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(Photo credit: Girl Scouts of America)

Fact #1: Girl Scout cookies are delicious.

Fact #2: If you happen to be the kind of cookie craver who enjoys the fruitier side of biscuits, you’ve been pretty much out of luck, unless you consider the current incarnation of lemon flavor (Lemonades) or the one-season Mango Crémes. Otherwise, GS flavors have steered clear of such influence.

Rejoice, cookie-and-fruit fans, for here comes 2023’s Raspberry Rally! What to expect? Think the Thin Mint’s chocolate-coated berry-pumped cousin—an unfussy, two-flavor welcome newbie to the troop.

“Cookie sales are our main form of revenue for troop pursuits, supplies, merit badges, etc.,” says Britton Bistrian, who’s been a troop leader in the Hamptons for seven years. “We get a portion of proceeds from every box sold back to the troop.”

The question, though: How do you get your hands on a box or three of these and the rest of your faves? If you don’t know a Girl Scout, don’t worry. “The Raspberry Rally cookie is unique because it is only available to be ordered online from one of our Girl Scouts and then shipped directly to customers from our bakers,” says Jenna Kierstedt, creative director for the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County. “But customers can order our other delicious flavors from their favorite Girl Scout now, and booth sales will begin popping up all over Suffolk in early February.” 

(Photo credit: iStock, CatLane)

If you didn’t have a Scout on speed dial before they wrapped up ye olde fashioned in-person sales last month, don’t worry. GSSC has a handy little section of their website where can plug in your zip code and it’ll tell you where you can find local booth sales. In addition, you can order the new Raspberry Rally (or any of the other nine flavors) from this link, too, which went live today.

The cookies aren’t just a delicious annual indulgence; they support the core mission of the organization, which launched on March 12, 1912. “The Girl Scout Cookie Program has long taught girls how to run a business both in person and online through the Digital Cookie® platform,” says Kierstedt. “Girls learn key entrepreneurial skills, including business ethics, money management and goal setting that serve as a foundation to help them dream big, now and in the future.” We can Raspberry Rally around that.