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CASTELLO DI BORGHESE COURTESY PHOTO | This wine barrel came came from Brooklyn and was recently served at Ann Marie Borghese’s birthday party.

We suppose if you own a winery and it’s your birthday, a wine barrel-themed cake isn’t such a bad idea for your party.

Castello di Borghese recently ordered such a treat for Ann Marie Borghese’s birthday and it caught our eye.

So where was it made?

Turns out it was shipped here from Brooklyn’s F. Monteleone Bakery & Café, which makes your standard pastries in addition to the specialty cakes it’s become known for.

“We have made everything from motorcycle cakes, boat cakes to hamburger and hot dog cakes,” said bakery owner Antonio Fiorentino. “We can pretty much make anything requested.”

Mr. Fiorentino began making pastries at the age of 12 in Italy, where he lived until 1977. He then moved to the United States, at the age of 17, and continued his love for creating delicious baked goods. The bakery is located in Carroll Gardens.

“Our bakery has all kinds of pastries,” said Fiorentino. “We have regular cakes, ice cream cakes, cup cakes, cookies, and in the summer we make a special gelato.”

The specialty cakes — which come with a variety of fillings from the traditional chocolate and vanilla to mocha and cannoli cream — typically cost around $100, Mr. Fiorentino said. The wine barrel cake is about $70, he said.

F. Monteleone Bakery & Café (visit site)

355 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (map it)

Call them at (718) 852-5600