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Tana and Scott Gerber. (Photo courtesy of Uncle Joe’s)

No matter how you slice it, Uncle Joe’s isn’t going anywhere.

The beloved Hampton Bays pizza spot was purchased last year by Tana and Scott Gerber, a couple of New York City, pizza-loving ex-pats laying down roots here after moving to the hamlet full time in 2021.

“When we moved here, we had been looking to see what was a local business that we could look to invest in or buy with our background being in a variety of different areas we thought that it’d be really nice to create something in our hometown,” Scott says.

(Photo courtesy of Uncle Joe’s)

The couple, leaders of Hamptons Brands investment group, bought the location from Guiseppe “Uncle Joe” Sciara in June of 2023. Hamptons Brands are the new majority owners while the Sciara family maintained a minority stake in the company. They also are slated to open two other Uncle Joe’s locations on Long Island in Miller Place and Wading River.

When they bought the location, which has been visited by countless Long Islanders and tourists since it was founded in 1968, they made a few promises to Sciara.

“The first one was how do we create something that holds and preserves the history and legacy of what Joe has built over 50 years of being of service to community? Secondarily to that was if we’re in for one, we’re in for 50, because we want to take this and really expand that legacy across initially Long Island, and then we’ll see where it goes,” Scott says.

Their thoughtful renovations to the building, which took about seven weeks in total, as well as their changes to the menu demonstrate their commitment to keeping those promises. The refreshed ambiance is “a 60’s slice shop meets an elevated wine room,” Scott says.

“We wanted to make sure we had a beautiful presentation to walk into that has a bit of nostalgia with it,” Tana says, “with the lighting fixtures and the black and white [tile].”

The ceiling to their chandelier-lit parlour is lined with over 3,000 bottles of wine on display for that “wow factor” as the pair characterized it.

“You feel the experience, not just taste the food on the plate but transcend it and feel like you’re going somewhere else, [you’re] transported somewhere else,” Scott says.

They also took pains to craft the menu with respect to the classics that “Uncle Joe” was known for while also bringing fun new offerings.

Hot honey prosciutto. (Photo courtesy of Uncle Joe’s)

“The first thing we did was really ensure that all the classics, all the specialties remained intact,” Scott says. “But the key menu is really a tight structure around his absolute favorites and classics.”

That healthy mix of old and new now includes an original Long Island Panko pizza, classic New York style pizza as well as gluten-free style pizza. 

They also worked very hard on creating an online presence for the location and a user-friendly fresh interface which allows customers to order take-out, delivery, book reservations and more.

“We basically created a new home that actually allows for us to compete against much larger companies with a real focus,” Scott Gerber said.

They also have a loyalty program dubbed Uncle Joes Social Club to give back to their devoted patrons. One of the highlights of the rewards program is the free personal pizza pie on your birthday.

“It’s just to be part of the community and tie it into where the future is which is quick, easy delivery and a seamless experience and then when you come in store feeling like you’re being treated as family not a number,” Scott says. 

Delicate garlicky, lemony shrimp scampi. (Photo courtesy of Uncle Joe’s)

They also offer free gelato with every meal for kids 10 and younger, a $20 catering gift card for every $100 spent on catering orders, as well as other benefits exclusive to members.

The Gerber’s not only want to give back to their customers but to the community the young couple will be raising their four children in as well. They created Uncle Joe’s Neighborhood, their philanthropic program which contributes to local non-profits and public schools through catering donations and in-store fundraisers. They are extremely grateful for the positive feedback they have received.

“You’re going to be part of the community, you should give back to the community, and that’s a core tenet of everything we’ve ever done,” Scott says.

Uncle Joes Pizza & Parlour is located at 42 E. Montauk Hwy. They’re open Sunday to Thursday from 11am-9pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 11am- 10pm. For more information visit