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‘Tis the season (almost) to get your outdoor kitchen up and running. (Photo credit: Brogan Lane)

Home is where the heart is, but sometimes we all can get a little tired of the space we’re in. If your home décor seems a little bit drab, or you’re not sure what the best arrangement for your furniture is, or you just want to spruce up your living space, there’s light at the end of the feng shui tunnel.

Sag Harbor resident and interior designer Brogan Lane can put your worries at ease, and really make your house feel like home. She, along with new business partner Gabby Baroscchini, just recently added a new concept to Lane’s already existing design and property management business: Brogan Lane Design. It’s called repurposing, and it may very well be the answer you’ve been looking for.

“Our mission is to harness the untapped potential within your space, transforming it into an inviting, functional and vibrant haven,” Baroscchini says. “Whether you’re preparing to sell, rent, or simply seeking a personal update, it’s our goal to infuse fresh energy and style into every corner of your home. Through this repurposing concept, you are given the power to embrace your home’s hidden gems.”

Potential improvements run the gamut. According to Lane, it could be anything from simply rearranging furniture and slapping on a fresh coat of paint, to organizing an estate sale or providing insightful advice on storage options. If there’s more to be done, fear not! They can connect you to Lane’s rich and ample Rolodex of vendors, tradesmen and contractors.

“The important thing is to start,” she says.

Since the mid ‘90s, Lane’s impeccable eye for optimizing spaces both inside and outside of the home has helped people utilize their respective properties in the best way possible.

Originating in Los Angeles in 1995, Brogan Lane Design is now headquartered on Noyac Road in Sag Harbor. For nearly the past 30 years, Lane’s clients have included Hollywood’s elite celebrity members, with revamp projects ranging throughout some of California’s ritziest zip codes. Her designs have appeared in countless editorial spreads, including Hello and Style magazines, and she’s made several appearances as the featured designer for HGTV’s “Awesome Interiors” and “Landscapers Challenge.” Locally, Lane was responsible, along with the fine folks at Collette Home, for designing the outdoor patio space/barbecue area featured at this year’s Hamptons Designer Showhouse on Majors Path in Southampton, which opened last month.

“I’ve known her for several years and it was evident from the start that her taste and style were unparalleled,” says former client and Water Mill resident Patricia Schuster. “We utilized existing items to revitalize my space, leaving me elated with the improved, cohesive and distinctive ambiance achieved. And the best part, surprisingly, minimal additional purchases were required to achieve the desired look, which is a total win.”

Last month, Lane was responsible for designing the outdoor patio/barbecue space featured at the Hamptons Designer Showhouse in Southampton. (Photo credit: Brogan Lane)

According to Schuster, Lane’s talent and rapidity were “nothing short of extraordinary” when it came to revamping her single-family house. Revitalized outdoor spaces included a wraparound porch, veranda, patio and outdoor seating areas. Items were pulled from spaces throughout the house and yard to suit Schuster and her family’s needs. As a result, intimate spaces were created, like a new breakfast nook, seating area, entertainment space and an outdoor bar.

“For me, it was $150 an hour for her design services for about four or five hours of work done in total,” Schuster says. “She was truly fabulous. I cannot say enough about her.”

The cost for repurposing services will be based off a sliding scale and the initial consultation is free. “Generally, I’m charging between $75 to $90 an hour,” Lane says, “but I am willing to work with each individual on a sliding scale, case by case basis. I want you to successfully breathe new life back into your space and your old around-the-house items. Ultimately, that’s the goal.”

Brogan Lane Design is located at 3348 Noyac Road, Sag Harbor. For more information, call Lane at 818-720-1900 or email [email protected].