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(Photo credit: iStock, StefaNikolic)

Different terrains and scenic routes can make the repetitive act of putting one foot in front of the other so much more interesting than plodding away on a treadmill, if not downright satisfying (dare we say… joyful?!). Put these outdoor oases on your winter running bucket list:

Westhampton High School track

When not training the runners of the future, this excellent track is open to all who’d like to train on its flat and measured surface, making it especially beneficial for speed workouts. 

Meadow Lane, Southampton

Take your mind off your sweat session with Hamptons water and estate vistas on this long and lovely street.

Hither Hills State Park trails, Montauk

Varying terrain can help you build strength and endurance. Hither Hills, with its gorgeous beachfront views, makes for an ideal spot to give trail running a go. 

Dune Road, Westhampton

This famed Westhampton road gives you a stunning ocean backdrop and is fast, flat and gorgeous.

(Photo credit: iStock, PeapleImages)

Ocean Road to Mecox Road to Halsey Lane, Bridgehampton

Knowing this route spans the final three-mile stretch of the Bridgehampton Half Marathon will motivate you to keep going the distance.

Hedges Lane to Parsonage Lane to Daniel’s Lane, Sagaponack

Take in the stately hedges and gorgeous estates on this route, which spans five miles. If you want to keep it short, run the first half and walk the second, especially if you’re new to running.

Montauk Point State Park

The 862-acre park has trails and Atlantic Ocean vistas to vary up your run.

Shelter Island

Home to a popular 10K each spring and 5K in the fall, Shelter Island’s hilly roads make for a worthy challenge as you progress. Peep the annual route for both the 10K and 5K here—a note-worthy goal.