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There is a new way to cruise around Shelter Island this summer.

Part surfboard, part hovercraft, the latest in water sports equipment called the Lift eFoil hit the market within the last year and is quickly catching on because of its ability to make riders feel as if they’re flying.

“It is the greatest sensation, said Lift eFoil affiliate John Modica. “Everyone should try it just to have that moment of above the water. It is just so peaceful, quiet and smooth.”

The lightweight Lift eFoil (or electric hydrofoil) uses a lithium ion battery to power a silent electric motor that propels the board up and over the surface of the waves. Hand controlled by a wireless Bluetooth remote, riders have the power to adjust the speed, which can reach up to 25 mph, and the height, which is up to three-feet out of the water, Modica said.

It is similar to riding a surfboard, though no previous surfing experience is required. Each lesson begins on land with Modica showing the basics of operating the hand controller and learning to stand on the board. The lesson continues in the shallow area of the water before most people are comfortable going it alone. Newcomers often pick up the hang of the eFoil in roughly 30 minutes, or a third of the length of an average 90 min session.

Modica, a part-time Shelter Island resident who operates Long Island eFoil, is offering private and group lessons on Shelter Island through the summer and even into the early fall if the water temperatures remain warm enough.

“If you have seen a bird just cruising around, and thought, I wonder what it’s like to be that bird, this is the closest you’ll ever get,” he said. “It is so calming to just be out on the water with a small board under you.”

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