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The NY Times made a recent visit to Shelter Island’s Ram’s Head Inn for brunch. (Credit: Courtesy photo)

What would you do if you only had 36 hours to spend on Shelter Island?

You definitely should grab a snack at Stars Café before heading to dinner at The Tavern. The next day you should hit up the Havens farmers’ market as well as Marie Eiffel Market. The following morning, be sure to take an early hike at Mashomack Preserve before brunch at Ram’s Head Inn.

Those were just some of the local places named in a recent New York Times “36 Hours on” piece which made a visit to Shelter Island.

The article notes that the Manhanset term for Shelter Island means an island protected by islands.

“The sentiment and the feeling of protection from overcrowding and rough seas remains to this day,” wrote reporter Jane Bornemeiers.

Bornemeiers started at the North Ferry and traveled around to multiple inns and foodie spots, as well as the Shelter Island Historical Society. The travel guide to Shelter Island definitely hits all the high points for beaching, eating and drinking. It also brought attention to businesses like Shelter Island Kayak and Picozzi’s Bike Shop.

Bornemeirers described the upstairs balcony at the Pridwin Hotel as having “one of the best dining views on the island,” and nearby Sunset Beach as “not to be missed” among other regular hot spots.

“with one-third of the island set aside as a nature preserve, it remains a bucolic place beloved by long-timers and newcomers alike,” she wrote.

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