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It is time to rethink everything you thought you knew about pirates. Join Thymaya Payne, as he presents a screening of his documentary film, “Stolen Seas,” which follows pirate translator and negotiator Ishmael Ali, tells the story of 13 powerless men trapped on a ship, and explores why their captors feel justified in their tyranny. After the screening, there will be a Q&A with the acclaimed writer and filmmaker.


Attempting to make sense of the rapid changes at the hands of globalization and intrigued by the emerging story of piracy in Somalia, Thymaya began a journey to discover how the world’s poorest were taking hostage of the world’s richest and how these “agents of change” fit into the larger picture  How did he manage to get a hold of a Somali pirate? How did he track down a pirate negotiator? How did the camera get on board a 13-man crew ship to witness a potential life-threatening negation for 7 million dollars?


As Houthi Rebels in the Red Sea emerge into headlines, how does this film help highlight the influence of the Somali Pirate Phenomenon of our modern era? What can we learn and what insights can we gain? Join us for answers to these questions and more.


This screening has been programmed as part of Thymaya’s 2024 residency at The Church.