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Visual artist, poet, and memoirist, Ellen Peckham, the first Insight Sunday artist of 2024, will speak on her work, as included in Master Impressions. Peckham frequently combines poetry and visual art in her work, rejecting the idea that the artist should concentrate on one medium. Sometimes her words and visuals are included in a single work, other times Peckham’s poems and visual pieces are created concurrently, producing two separate works. The inspiration for Ce Change, a solarplate etching on view at The Church, came from the artist writing poetry during a distinct period when she was unable to work in her studio. 


During her Insight Sunday, Peckham will discuss her background as an artist, share the story behind the creation of the print, and read aloud her writings from that period. Due to the process of printmaking, Peckham has been able to create multiple iterations of Ce Change, with and without text, which she plans to show during the program. A Q&A with the artist will conclude the morning. 


Insight Sundays, held the last Sunday of each month, provide individual artists with the opportunity to talk in-depth about their processes, techniques, and concepts in the presence of their work. The program allows the audience to see through the artist’s eye. It is a monthly program open to the public and free to our members. Peckham’s work is included in our winter exhibition, Master Impressions: Artists and Printers on the South Fork (1965-2010), on view from January 14th – February 25th during our exhibition hours, Wednesday through Sunday 12 PM – 5 PM.