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Embrace the world of herbal alchemy at our Fire Cider Workshop, led by Sweet Woodland Farm. This hands-on experience will teach you the art of making a potent immune-boosting tonic using locally grown herbs and spices, equipping you with the know-how to stay healthy during the winter months.

Delve into the rich traditions of herbal wisdom and discover the beauty of sourcing ingredients from our region. Learn to create Fire Cider, a renowned immune booster, guided by our skilled medicinal herb farmer.

You’ll craft your own batch, gain insight into the health benefits of the ingredients, and connect with a like-minded community. Leave with your own jar of Fire Cider, ready to support your wellness journey all winter long.

Join us for a day of herbal crafting, community, and natural wellness.

Please note that this event will be held under the big tent at East End Food Market in Riverhead.


East End Food events offer exclusive opportunities to connect with the community through demonstrations, workshops and talks with local leaders. East End Food is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support, promote and advocate for local farmers and producers, while ensuring everyone can enjoy and be nourished by local food.