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Last January, the interactive, freestyle, performance platform LAYERHYTHM made its debut in our village and left a lasting, invigorating impact on the community. The Church welcomes LayeRhythm back in 2024 with yet another DANCE JAM SESSION, where the audience plays an active role in the dance and music output throughout the performance. Bring the whole family, as the collective is dedicated to serving transformative art experiences to all-age audiences! 


Through a series of improvisational games, LayeRhythm blurs the line between spectator and performer by collecting audience ideas and incorporating them into the music, lyrics, and movements of the musicians, emcee, and dancers. Founded by French-Vietnamese street/club dance artist, educator and curator, Mai Lê Hô, LayeRhythm’s music and dance styles range from hip hop, funk, soul, house music, popping, locking, flexN, breaking, Detroit jit, house dance and more. Learn a move or two as the dancers showcase their talents and highlight the vibrant culture of street and club dances! The evening has been structured to include dance party breaks in between performances, emphasizing LayeRhythm’s mission of building community through play and transforming individuals’ relationship to music and dance. Concessions will be available for purchase at the event. 


The residency and program have received in-kind support from Judi Caron.