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Ladies and Gentlemen, adult-children of all ages, welcome to an evening of fun and reminiscence. The Circus is about to begin…The Electric Circus! Join us for a celebratory evening as director and producer Larry Confino unveils his film Psychedelicized: The Electric Circus Story a documentary about the legendary East Village cultural watering hole that existed from 1967 – 1971. 


We invite all the rock and music enthusiasts to  “dress as you like, dance, sit, think, tune in and turn on.” The event begins at 5 PM with an acoustic (only) guitar circle. Come jam with other local fretheads, grab a snack, enjoy the music, and then kick back and enjoy the film. The film screening begins at 6 PM and will culminate in a live performance of a song from the film with the film’s score composer, John Jinks and his band Out East, before opening up to the audience for a quick Q&A.


Not only was it a venue with an impressive guest list, like Lenorard Bernstein, Liza Minelli, Timothy Leary, Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg, The Black Panthers, The Hells Angels, and more, The Electric Circus was also a prominent live music venue. Icons of rock history like Sly and the Family Stone, Little Richard, The Grateful Dead, and The Velvet Underground graced the stage and contributed to the iconic venue’s legacy in the history of entertainment. 


“There was a dream alive at the Electric Circus. A dream that another world was possible.” The Electric Circus Story takes viewers through the establishment, stunning international success, and eventual downfall of the legendary New York nightclub, housing the psychedelic and socially conscious atmosphere of the late 1960’s.