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Owners Ashley Knight and Chris Chobor inside The Juice Box on Shelter Island. (Credit: Kate Nalepinski)

Snake Bite, Sweet Goods, Triple Threat, Home Town.

What may sound like a list of eclectic band names is actually a sample of organic juice and smoothie options available at The Juice Box, the first mobile organic juice truck on Shelter Island.

Partners Ashley Knight and Chris Chobor have been tossing fresh fruits and vegetables into a blender at their Shelter Island home to prepare breakfast for their two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Finley Root, since she was an infant. Little did they know, their passion for healthy concoctions would lead to a new business venture.

The couple, who also owns The Islander diner, unveiled the organic smoothie and juice truck in late July outside the restaurant on North Ferry Road.

“We enjoy juicing at the house, so it was kind of a natural progression,” Ashley said. “It’s something that’s not offered on the Island, so we decided to go for it.”

Ashley said the idea for a juice truck has been discussed for several years but never came to fruition between busy schedules managing the diner. They bought over the location nearly a decade ago, formerly Pat & Steve’s.

“We could park it right here on our property, so that’s kind of the jumping off point,” she said.

Before Memorial Day weekend, the duo started researching food trucks, state requirements and where to obtain a truck or trailer. Shortly after, Chris found a truck in Tennessee and the couple drove down south to pick it up.

“It was kind of last minute — we’re both last minute people,” she laughed. “We come up with an idea and we just run with it.”

To meet state and Suffolk County guidelines for a food truck, the couple updated the sinks, holding tanks and other internal components. Chris, who owns a construction company, Chris Chobor Construction, had no difficulty with the renovations.

Two months later, The Juice Box was a fully licensed full food service truck with a stovetop.

The truck offers 12 original juices and smoothies with no refined or processed sugars. Everything is made-to-order, meaning customers can also mix and match any fruits and veggies they have aboard the truck.

The menu is always expanding, Ashley said. Every Friday, staffers bottle their newest, fresh-squeezed beverages to sell to patrons at the Havens Farmers’ Market on Saturday. If the customers enjoy the refreshments, they’d tack it onto the truck menu.

In the future, the owners plan to drive the truck to Sylvester Manor for their fall festival and potentially cater parties on the Island. Menu items from the diner could also be prepared on the truck.

The Juice Box is open Monday through Friday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on North Ferry Road and Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market, located at 16 South Ferry Rd, Shelter Island.