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Here’s something that caught our eye this week — a web post about actor Willem Dafoe and his son, Jack, selling an apartment they co-owned together on the Lower East Side.

According to the New York Observer, the two-bedroom co-op is located at 504 Grand Street. The Dafoes purchased the flat in 2005 for $606,000. The sale price was $860,000 ($10,000 above asking) and, according to Luxury Listings, Jack was the Dafoe who actually lived there.

We have to say, based on at least one published photo of the apartment on website Luxury Listings (which is billed as the “insider’s guide to Manhattan Living”), Jack obviously has exquisite taste. Displayed prominently on the wall of the kitchen is a Shelter Island Reporter calendar (our sister newspaper) turned to the “April 2016” page.

The property was listed by Misrahi Realty and brokers Yesim Ak and Daniel Barcelowsky. According to Ak, it sold on the first day of the first scheduled open house.

“A lot of cool artists live in the building, and it’s not flashy,” Ak told Observer, which also wrote about the sale (that website is published by none other than soon to be first son-in-law Jared Kushner). “A lot of people in the art world—gallerists, writers.”

We’d like to say that sort of line-up accurately describes quite well the demographics of those who read the Shelter Island Reporter. Obviously, someone in that apartment “gets us” and is counting on the Reporter to tell them what day it is.

We’re not quite as sure if the calendar will stay when Jack and his stuff moves out… but it was last year’s model anyway.

So, if Willem, Jack, or the new owners of 504 Grand Street would like the 2017 model of the handy-dandy Shelter Island Reporter calendar, please be advised that we have plenty of them available in the office.