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Artist/designer and Shelter Islander Liss Larsen will be featured at an artist’s reception at the newly opened Table Of Content General Store tomorrow (Saturday, June 22) from 5 to 7 p.m. Her collection of photographs, called “Shelter Image, ” are “examinations of everyday Island scenes” and are available matted and framed or on printed canvases ranging in size from 24 to 60 inches.

Ms. Larsen is a lifelong summer resident. “Through these photographs I am delighted to be conveying my vision of Shelter Island—its natural beauty, fascinating built features and wonderful sense of timelessness.”

The collection’s essence is captured in a series entitled “Rust,” which features iconic images of the North Ferry, including corroded gunwale grates, chunky chain links and oversized cleats. “Sail” includes close-up shots of chocks, blocks and a colorful, daisy-chained line from the deck of a J100. “Landings” features the pilothouses of various ferries, as well as pilings wound with thick line — all hallmark images of life on the water.


Ms. Larsen is “especially drawn to the intricate details of nautical hardware and the dramatic play of light on water.” The collection consists of more than 30 images, each a graphic portrayal of familiar Shelter Island sights and can be viewed online at Shelter Image is an offshoot of Larsen’s branding agency, Change Artist, which she founded nine years ago.

“As a designer, inspiration is everywhere,” she explained. “Photography, for me, is a way to channel that inspiration; it is an extension of my design aesthetic. I’ll see something particularly beautiful in the natural world, or I’ll observe interesting features in the built environment, and I’m simply drawn to capture these moments.”

Table of Content General Store is located at 59 North Ferry Road, Shelter Island.


Photos by Liss Larsen