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When you walk into Table of Content General Store on North Ferry Road on Shelter Island, it’s like entering an old-fashioned apothecary with its white walls, wooden floors, big windows and high ceilings.

The store, however, is decidedly 21st century, with its tins of exotic salts, aromatic teas and spices. Along with her business partner, Kimberly Auth, the vivacious owner Pam Stone has created a vision of what she herself wants to find in a store and calls it a “coming of age general store.” It brings the quirky: a bicycle rain cap (so your seat doesn’t get wet), bike bells that look like frosted cupcakes, complete with pink rosettes, combination bike locks made of heavy-duty rope.

There’s a vintage bike on display above beautiful woven bike baskets to carry your groceries or beach towel. And the sublime: Himalayan pink sea salt and flavored oils and vinegars. She’ll fill the bottle with vinegar from a wooden vat and give you a 10 percent discount when you come to get a refill.

And don’t forget your furry friends. She carries specialty dog and cat items like handmade treats, bowls, mats, even paw-shaped pet food can covers.

The store specializes in “small batch food products” including infused and flavored honeys, salsas, jams and nut butters and will constantly add new stock “to encourage people to stop by often to see what’s new.” They are also interested in carrying more products from the North Fork.


Pam said that all spices, salts and teas are available in any size from a teaspoon on up and can all be sampled before purchase to avoid disappointment.

The official store opening was last Saturday (June 1) and to celebrate, the owners hosted a book signing party, introducing Eric Fischl’s memoir, “Bad Boy: My life On and Off the Canvas,” written by Michael Stone. Pam said that she has a lot of writer friends and is planning to hold more readings throughout the summer.

The store can be reached at 631-749-5862.



Photos by JoAnn Kirkland